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    Kalipso File Extensions    
Kalipso Compiled Project
Kalipso Project Exportation from Designer to Simulator
Kalipso Data Base
Kalipso Images
Kalipso Driver Definition
Kalipso Data File
KDriver (the file will be named KDriverProject.KDR indicating the project to be synchronized by KDriver)
Kalipso Zipped Project (For project update/install)
Kalipso Project Version
Kalipso Context
Kalipso Training Context
Kalipso Context With USW
Kalipso speaker adaptation profile
Kalipso environment acoustic model
Kalipso environment feature extractor
Temporary Kalipso speaker adaptation profile
Temporary Kalipso environment acoustic model
Temporary Kalipso environment feature extractor
Kalipso user word dictionary profile
The .git folder is present in the Automatic Backups folder because that's how Kalipso controls them. Any folder can be a git repository. At the moment Kalipso does not provide any interface with GitHub or similar but that can be achieved with a combination of external tools. If you want to manage your project versions with Git, you can simply install Git For Windows to manage the repositories and Git Extensions to have a user interface for it. There you'll be able to connect to a remote repository such as GitHub. We do plan to have this integration in Kalipso in the future.

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