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    Global Variables    
A Variable is a memory zone where you can store and retrieve information. You have 1000 Global Variables in your Project where to store information in. The content of a Global Variable is available anywhere in the Project. Variables can be numeric or alphanumeric. You can change the content of a Local Variable through Action “Set Var”. In Expressions, Global Variables are identified as VAR(<Name>).

For your own organization, you can name the Global Variables. Double-click the Global Variable that you want to rename on the Variables tab of the Main Window.

Variable – Global Variable Identifier
You cannot change this value.

Name – Global Variable Name
Name that you want to give to the Global Variable. The name of the Global Variable should only contain letters, digits or underscore (_). This is the Name that will identify the Global Variable throughout the Project.

Description – Global Variable Description
Description that you want to give to the Global Variable. This property is for your information only.

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