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    JSON Get Value    
Retrieves the value from the item of a JSON object.


JSON string
The JSON string. Must specify a JSON object at the top level.

Item Name string
The name of the property in the JSON object to get the value from.

Include Sub-objects numeric
When the property is not found in the top level object, indicates if it should be searched for in sub-objects.

It can be one of:
  • 1. Yes
  • 2. No

Target string
The variable or control to save the property value.

Target Type numeric
The variable or control to save the type on the value found on that property.

It can be one of:
  • 1. String
  • 2. Numeric
  • 3. Object
  • 4. Array
  • 5. Boolean
  • 6. null

  • If the returned JSON content has JSON objects, the properties in those objects may not be in the original order. The supplied JSON string will be parsed into a JSON structure and according to the platform library that is being used, this parsed object may reorder the object properties.

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